Chrystina Elle Passanisi

Chrystina Elle PassanisiChrystina Elle Passanisi is the owner and creative visionary of Sofia’s Boutique, a women’s clothing store in North Carolina in the U.S. celebrating women’s authenticity and self expression. Sofia’s is an oasis for women to enjoy themselves in greater self connection, fun and transformation.

In addition to passionately serving women, Chrystina is an independent researcher in the field of Ancient Architecture specializing in the building scriptures of India, the Silpa Sastras and Agamas.  She has built houses, studios and meditation shrines using the core mathematics of the Vedic temple science. Chrystina began learning Nonviolent Communication in 2011 at a Play in the Wild! educators’ retreat for teachers and homeschoolers. She experienced and witnessed first hand the power of empathy to shift hearts into greater presence and connection.  She and her son Jarrah are blessed to be involved with the phenomenal programs at Baba Tree International, including ZENVC and Play in the Wild!.

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