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Our Vision

We are committed to a world where everyone has the knowledge and ability to contribute to peace within themselves and with others, and where this wisdom is passed on from generation to generation.

Our ​Programs

Play in the Wild!
​Initiations into Nonviolence

Outdoors-based ​nonviolence trainings for youth, families, and educators

​The Way ​with ​& with​​​​out Words

Trainings in Mindfulness and Nonviolent Communication for everyday ​life

Where Cultures Meet

Empowering former refugee youth through community-based mentorship

​Peace Rising: 
​The Next Generation

​Supporting the advancement of peace and nonviolence in grassroots movements

We turn love into action

"​​​ Love can be this lofty thing​... 
I define love as Listening, Observing, 
Validating, and Empathizing – all action."

– ​​Catherine Cadden, ​​Program Director, Baba Tree International


We ​​​​​​​celebrate differences

"​ [My kids] told me it's okay to speak your feelings. ​How to respect others, how to listen, how to offer help – all of these ​ideas my kids developed through the camp."

– Ashraf Alamatouri, parent of Play in the Wild! kids Ryan and Adam

We ​​​​​​​remember who we are

"​​Play in the Wild! helped break down the conditioning I had developed... ​
I​ was able to rebuild myself into who I wanted to be...
It taught me that authenticity is valued​.​"

– ​Irvin Martin, ​Play in the Wild! student


We share this with others

"​ ​Those practices really ended up being one of the backbones of the kind of culture that we tried to build​... where we could see that it was our relationships on our team that was actually the source of our power."

– ​​Morgan Curtis, ​climate justice activist ​& Trainings Coordinator, SustainUS

​You sustain us!

Faces of Youth

Donations from ordinary people make up over half of our operating budget. ​​
Up to ​​80% of the participants in our programs each year​ are wholly or partially sponsored ​​by people like you. 

Without ​that support, we literally could not do what we do.