People Walking

Our Vision

We are committed to a world where everyone has the knowledge and ability to contribute to peace within themselves and with others, and where this wisdom is passed on from generation to generation.

Our Programs

Play in the Wild!
Initiations into Nonviolence

Outdoors-based nonviolence trainings for youth, families, and educators

The Way with & without Words

Trainings in Mindfulness and Nonviolent Communication for everyday life

Where Cultures Meet

Empowering former refugee youth through community-based mentorship

#WakeUp WalkTowards Podcast

A podcast from the heart, at the intersection of spirituality, justice, and healing.

Peace Rising: 
The Next Generation

Supporting the advancement of peace and nonviolence in grassroots movements

We turn love into action

" Love can be this lofty thing... 
I define love as Listening, Observing, 
Validating, and Empathizing – all action."

– Catherine Cadden, Program Director, Baba Tree International


We celebrate differences

" [My kids] told me it's okay to speak your feelings. How to respect others, how to listen, how to offer help – all of these ideas my kids developed through the camp."

– Ashraf Alamatouri, parent of Play in the Wild! kids Ryan and Adam

We remember who we are

"Play in the Wild! helped break down
the conditioning I had developed... 
I was able to rebuild myself into who I wanted to be...
It taught me that authenticity is valued."

– Irvin Martin, Play in the Wild! student

We share this with others

" Those practices really ended up being one of the backbones of the kind of culture that we tried to build... where we could see that it was our relationships on our team that was actually the source of our power."

– Morgan Curtis, climate justice activist & Trainings Coordinator, SustainUS

You sustain us!

Faces of Youth

Donations from ordinary people make up over half of our operating budget.
Up to 80% of the participants in our programs each year are wholly or partially sponsored by people like you. 

Without that support, we literally could not do what we do.