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We are here to heal our past, reimagine our present, and protect our future. As we wake up in the midst of climate crisis and colonial collapse, we can move along a path toward sustainable transformation paved by love, accountability, and collective care. 

In conversations from the heart with elders, young organizers, artists, healers, and changemakers, Baba Tree International's Catherine Cadden and Jiva Manske, and Jordan Torres of Brown Boy Talking, invite us into connection, presence, and imagination. In the face of climate crisis and colonial collapse, and in the midst of uprising, how can we move towards life? How can we shift from doubt, shame, loneliness, and fear, toward radical nurturance, forgiveness, and joy? What do we need and what can we learn from elders who have walked this path before us? How can we sustain ourselves and each other in our work for a world in which all beings matter? These questions and more guide us to stories that remind us of where we've been, where we belong, and where we're going together.

Across global geographies, intergenerational spaces, and transformational visions, #WakeUpWalkTowards is a podcast at the intersection of spirituality, justice, and healing for these times.

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