ZENVC: The Way With and Without Words

​BTI's ZENVC program offers trainings and ​resources to support ordinary people ​in practicing and experiencing the power of nonviolence in everyday life. In the process, we create thriving, dynamic organizations; compassionate communities; strong, loving relationships; and lives of great meaning. ZENVC represents wisdom and experience derived from both Nonviolent Communication (NVC), as developed by Marshall B. Rosenberg, Ph.D., and Zen Buddhism.

ZENVC events offer a combination of training, practice, and inspiration. ​Our trainers provide beautiful, creative, and safe environments for personal and interpersonal discovery; direct and encouraging guidance; real-life stories, photos, and video from our work around the world; and resource materials for ​continued practice and learning. ​

​​A central understanding in our work is that ​skills like Nonviolent Communication and Mindfulness meditation require ongoing practice to realize their full potential. In 2010, the ZENVC Ongo program was created to ​offer ​ongoing online support for ​participants from our trainings. The Ongo program ​​uses a structure loosely based on the model of ​Zen Buddhism's traditional three-month ​ango training, which we ​found to be extremely effective for developing a daily practice. ​Based on the success of the Ongo program, in 2017, ​our trainers published ​a guidebook for ongoing practice, called The Ongo Book: Everyday Nonviolence​​.

​For more information about ZENVC trainings and Ongo, ​please visit the ZENVC website​.


"​​I was sitting in a Congressman's office up in Washington D.​C. ... and one of the aides was saying something that ​... wasn't what we wanted to hear, and I was feeling fairly calm due to the work we'd done in Ongo​... When he got done, I said "Now, what I'm hearing is you want​..." ​and it worked ...  [i]t gave us some ideas to help meet those needs that was also consistent with what we wanted. "

– ​Jeff Joslin, Congressional ​lobbyist and Ongo ​group organizer

​​​​Train in ZENVC

​​​Get the book

​​​Our trainers have written a complete handbook with twelve weeks of guidance for practicing nonviolence in everyday life. ​Inside its pages are practices for individuals, couples, and groups. We recommend it as a​​n easy, accessible, and ​minimal-cost ​way to begin.

​​​Organize a training

​Our ZENVC trainers speak authentically and from personal experience. ​They have offered consultations, workshops, and retreats​ ​internationally​ ​to a wide variety of clients. ​​If you'd like to ​​organize a training for your group or organization either online or ​locally​, we would be happy to work with you.